Free translation – Update September 2015

I would like to share with you an “update” of my health condition. I finished my chemotherapy treatment in June.  I keep receiving treatment with targeted therapies that block the action of certain proteins involved in the growth and spread of cancer cells.
Last week I had my “scans” to evaluate response to treatment. Thanks God there was a significant improvement in the number and size of cancerous lesions on my liver. I will continue in this treatment to be evaluated again in a few months.
My doctor was surprised that I was not experiencing that many side effects with the current meds. I know this is another evidence of God’s grace. I know that we are in your prayers.
We are more than grateful for God’s goodness, love and faithfulness. There is water in this “dry and thirsty land”!!! The Lord is with us. May He be glorified in all things.
Let’s keep on…
Thanks for all the love !!